First Days of a Green Entrepreneur

Beginning a blog with the sole purpose of promoting my business is guileful, to say the least.  I’ll be honest about that.  There are aspects of running a business that I will never be comfortable with, promotion being the first.  Still, it must be done.  To achieve my goals there are certain matters I must accept – the first being that the day to day functions of being a business have little to do with natural beauty.  Yet that is where my business begins; with a love and respect for the beauty of our planet.

I chose to start Greenovations  because I feel passionately about preserving the natural world, as so many do.  Much of my life has been lived with an attempt to exist neutrally in this world.  I have often measured my own success not by what I have done, but by how little I adversely impact the environment and people around me.  For years it had seemed to me that to be a positive presence I only needed to act with respect for the environment and the people around me; that if I simply treaded lightly on this earth, the value of my existence could be measured by the very weightlessness of it.  Such a philosophy, after all, is the most ubiquitous principal of conservation, and perhaps a strong guide point for human interaction, as well.   Nature seems to know it very well.

But children change the urgency of all things.  Living by a principal no longer seems vital enough.  No matter how lightly I could tread, the tread marks of modern humanity would and always will be there.   Tired of teaching, where the impact of my efforts seemed always subject to a vast variety of influences beyond my control, I decided to change my career.  Greenovations is my effort to live and positively influence this world.  My children need me to do it.  My planet needs me to do it.  I often speak of how beautiful our American landscape must have been just fifty years ago compared to now.  I don’t want our children speaking the same way about the world we have created now.  Nostalgia of this sort is a terrible thing.  I hope it doesn’t have to exist.

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