Sustainability is Honesty To The Earth

Earlier this week a “reader” of this blog commented that I wasn’t being fully honest in my last post.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Core to our business at Greenovations  ( a message of honesty to the earth and to its inhabitants.  We strive to help people understand the full cost and benefit of our products.

As I mentioned in my first post, I feel squeamish about the self promotional nature of this blog.  Self promotion does not suit my nature.  Ultimately, though, what I am really promoting here is conservation.  I got into this business because I care passionately about the environment.  I got into this business because too few of our builders, business owners and homeowners are taking the right step, for a variety of reasons, towards leaving a healthier planet for our children.   I’ll be very frank about my feelings on the subject here: we, the people of today’s earth have no right to damage the environment for the future.  That’s a crime.  It is an act of stealing the beauty of this world that we have enjoyed, before our children can enjoy the same beauty.  It is through that lens that I scrutinize every product.  That lens includes a careful assessment of a products durability or how that product affects the durability of other materials in a building.  All of this exists under the umbrella of sustainability.

No surprise to me, the reader that commented on my post works in the Skylight industry.  His comments aim to distract other readers from the unbiased information in my blog.  In my blog, I address the issue of sustainability.  I do not limit my concerns to aesthetic feelings. 

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