Painting The New Digs

Just this morning I began painting my daughters bedroom at the new house.  I have already spoken about the eco-friendly qualities of AFM Safecoat, but I’d like to talk about the performance.  AFM’s Naturals line of plant oil based paints is the best paint I have ever worked with.  I have worked with a lot.  Throughout college and my early twenties I worked as a home painter.  I have painted every home we lived in, used most major brands, used paint brands in the US, Canada, Ireland, Colombia and Austria.  I have a lot of of experience with paints.

What I like most about this paint is the glide.  Cutting in with a brush is smooth and effortless.  I worked in a different room using another paint that we carry at Greenovations, IVY Coatings.  IVY Coatings is a great, no-VOC paint, but there’s nothing like working with an oil paint.  The great performance advancement with AFM’s Naturals line is that, although the paint has the superior glide of an linseed oil paint, it carries with it none of the mess.  This is a water based paint that is as easy to handle and clean as a latex paint.  But it’s ability to glide on a brush and level after rolling is unmatchable.  I previously tested it on a wall using only a brush.  I painted it thick in some places and thin in others and the paint laid out evenly on its own – after drying it looked sprayed on.

And the smell…it was gone soon after it dried.

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