Air Shows and a Paradox

For the last three days, I’ve been watching the Blue Angels put on an air show above my business in preparation of the Pease Air Show this weekend.  There’s nothing about what I witness, hour after hour, that isn’t impressive.  Watching them, I find it’s no wonder that humans have come to act like gods of this world.  These jets don’t look like jets as they tear the sky open on perfectly flat trajectories so much as they appear to be supernatural beings; gods of a mythological sort descending to exercise their will; dragons of fable; superheroes right out of the standard archetypical comic book.  Whether you are proud or ashamed of these death machines (or Human Triumphs), they inarguably demonstrate the power of human creativity and innovation.  As a conservationist and environmentalist, I simply wish more of this innovation and the dollars behind it were employed to help preserve our beautiful planet.

Ironically enough, I biked to work today from my home in York, Maine.  Out of ten one way trips per week I usually bike the 15 miles four times.  The amount of carbon I have prevented from entering the atmosphere all summer is sadly far less than a one second thrust of these planes that have been using my business location as a marker.  Shows like this are incredibly wasteful folly, and yet, tomorrow I plan to bring my son with me to Pease in order to watch the show.  Such is the paradox of life in this modern world.

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