Early December Newsletter

Bio-mass Appliances Tax Credit About to Expire

Take advantage of the tax credit on “Bio-mass Appliances”, before it expires, with a certified Rais wood stove!  Since 2009, the IRS has offered a 30% tax credit (up to $1500) for the purchase and installation of a qualified wood stove.   Every Rais stove meets the minimum 75% thermal efficiency to be qualified for this credit, and, has already been certified with the EPA and IRS.  Rais uses the renewable resource of wood to heat your home in a way that is both environmentally friendly and more stylish than conventional forms of heat, taking advantage of an abundantly renewable resource in our area  When used correctly, CO2 emissions from a Rais woodstove compare with the amount of CO2 the tree would have given off if the wood was left to decompose in its natural surroundings. This tax credit expires December 31, so if you’re interested in a clean burning woodstove, come into Greenovations to learn more about Rais and how these stoves can warm up your holidays.

2011 Design Trends for The Sustainably Minded with CRT Interiors

Often overlooked in the green building world, sustainable interior design is as important a feature to a healthy green home and a clean planet as anything else.  For many of us it’s simply a matter of knowing where to begin.  Start your new year off with a fresh look at interior design.  Randy Trainor of CRT Interiors will be leading two seminars at Greenovations on 2011 Interior Design Trends for The Sustainably Minded.  The first seminar, Eco-friendly Interior Design Ideas will focus on design colors, materials and options, all presented with Randy’s knowledge on the sustainability of design products.  The second seminar, for homeowners involved in a new home or remodeling project, is designed to provide guidance for working with your design team.  Many trades are involved in any given project and as the one paying the bills you need to make sure the trades-people are on your page.   Architects, builder, interior designer, electronic systems contractor, lighting designer, kitchen designer, painting contractor, electrician.  Learn how to make every job run smoothly regardless of which trades are involved.

For the past 20 years Randy has specialized in space planning and new construction.  An award-winning interior designer whose work has been judged by top New York interior designers and home furnishings editors, Randy’s design work has been featured in a variety of national
home furnishings magazines and interior design hard cover books.
From growing up in a life full of outdoor activities, to running a farm that employed organicand eco-friendly growing principles, to awareness of how new furnishings products affect theindoor air quality, to achieving the Sustainable Furnishings Council designation as a GREENLeader AP, Randy has always strived to improve and protect the environments we livein.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn about sustainable interior design from one of New England’s best.  www.crtinteriors.com

Lunch and Learn Dates
Eco Friendly Interior Design Ideas –  January 12, 2011 12pm
Working With Your Design Team  –  February 8, 2011 12pm

Greenovations Holiday Sales

Come to Greenovations to see all we have to offer for our Eco Timber Holiday Sale! Eco Timber, the world’s greenest wood flooring company and Consumer Report’s “Best Buy” is now offering spectacular deals on some of their best selling products.  Products on sale include Recycled Woven Poplar for $6.59/sqft, Solid Woven Bamboo for $4.99/sqft, Engineered Woven Bamboo for $6.59/sqft, and Dye-infused Engineered Woven Bamboo for 6.99/sqft.   For years Eco Timber has been a leader in offering the highest quality hardwood flooring from sustainably harvested FSC certified forests, and now is the best time to buy!  Sale ends December 15, so come in today for your new state-of-the-art Eco Timber hardwood floor. Learn more at ecotimber.com

Enjoy the luxury and style of Runtal towel radiators now on sale for 10% off at Greenovations from now until Christmas! Runtal towel radiators look great in bathrooms and offer the unique luxury of a heated towel when you step out of the shower, a priceless pleasure on those cold winter mornings. Check them out online at http://www.runtalnorthamerica.com/towel_radiators/index.html, or come to Greenovations and see for yourself.

Ready to coat a newly installed unfinished floor, but looking for a healthy alternative to toxic, conventional finishes.  Greenovations is offering 20% discount on Poly Whey Floor Finish from Vermont Natural Coatings.  Made in Hardwick, VT, Poly Whey, as its name indicate, substitutes the petroleum based derivatives used as a standard binder in conventional finishes with left over whey made from local cheese making producers.  Poly Whey is twice as durable and hard as its conventional counterparts and it dries so quickly that 3 coats can be applied in a single day.  Every professional that has purchased Poly Whey from Greenovations has made this great product their only choice.  Offer expires December 25, 2010.

Introducing Fireclay Tiles

Sandhill Recycled Glass Tile, a product carried at Greenovations, has been integrated into Fireclay Tile, the nation’s only manufacturer of post consumer recycled ceramic tiles. This partnership enables us to offer an increased selection in sustainable tiles. Fireclay has a rich 25 year history of tile innovation with a focus on recycled tile and sustainable manufacturing. Fireclay’s Debris Series Recycled Tile line has over 62% locally sourced recycled material, and it is the only ceramic tile line that incorporates post-consumer recycled materials. With guidance of Fireclay founder Paul Burns, Fireclay’s technical expertise, and their commitment to sustainability, Sandhill Glass will be able to evolve in many new and exciting ways.  At Greenovations, were delighted to finally be able to offer a respectably “green” ceramic tile.  In fact, no one else’s comes close.  Showroom samples will be arriving at the beginning of January.

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