Bamboo and Wood Countertops & Butcher Block

Bamboo and Wood Countertops

These days, stores such as Home Depot, as well as local independent stores, are pushing low price granite counter-tops on ever more cost conscious consumers.    Installed granite counter top prices ranging from $55 to $65 per square foot are enticing for many people, but those prices are possible due to the importation of low quality granite slabs. And while they seem good now, those low prices hide a high cost in maintenance, health, and overall durability.

Fortunately, there is a beautiful and even more cost effective option that is not only coming into style, but also good for the earth: wood and bamboo counter-tops.

I’m not sure where American’s got off track with using wood for our kitchen surfaces, but as millions of pubs and restaurants prove, both materials are an excellent choice for counter-tops.  In addition to being natural (and in some wood cases local) and warm, wood, bamboo, butcher block and bamboo butcher block is soft on our flatware and glasses while remaining durable.  And the pricing is perfect for today’s economy.  For example, bamboo butcher block prices out at around $40 per square foot installed.  Consider going warm and natural for your next counter-top.  Granite’s time has come to its rightful end.

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