Spring Time Refinishing Projects

Ah, spring.  Time to open up the windows, air out the house, and if you’re planning any finishing work, start prepping for a safe time coat your floors, fixtures and walls; right.  Absolutely, but if you’re in New England, not yet.

Most of us do-it-yourself types often put off finishing projects such as refinishing new floors or staining natural wood furniture until spring or summer.  Everything in the logic of this is spot on.  You don’t want to deal with the smell, you definitely don’t want to subject yourself and your family to the toxins associated with such finishes, and you don’t want to have to throw the doors open to cold weather.  Well, though this would be best, you don’t have to if you’re using product such as Poly Whey from Vermont Natural Coatings.  http://www.seacoastgreenovations.com/products/vermont-coatings.aspx

Vermont Natural Coatings is a water borne, low VOC furniture and floor finish that replaces the petroleum derivatives usually is in polyurethane with left over whey from the cheese making process.  That’s right, VNC recycles Vermont’s main export, cheese!  But this isn’t just some “hippie earth thing” as New England’s curmudgeon legion is bound to think.  Poly Whey is harder and more durable than all of its conventional counterparts and dries three times as fast.  You can apply three coats in one day.  And, because Poly Whey is a water borne product with such a low VOC count, you don’t have to wait to winter for installation.  In fact, the small disappears within hours and the smell is so mild – it actually smells like milk – it is not likely to bother anyone.  As one health minded customer of Greenovations who just used this said, “we didn’t even open the windows and could hardly smell it.”  This is no surprise; every type of VNC customer at Greenovations loves it and there are basically three types of such customers.  Those who have been using it longer than we have been in business and love it so much they use nothing else; and those who were introduced to VNC by Greenovations and have never gone back to anything else.

Even more, Poly Whey is a New England product, produced in Hartwick, Vermont. Learn more about it at Greenovations.

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