…that time of year for Rain Barrels

One look out the window today and it is clear…the spring rains have begun.  And if you live in New England that means a few things.; wet basements, sump pumps whining, and water spilling all around that thing built just to keep you dry, your house. And where is all the water going after it rushes out your gutters (if not into your basement)?  Down the drains into your street and out to the water treatment facility to get contaminated and then cleaned again.  Worse off, that cleaning is taking place compliments of the taxes you have paid.

There is a simple way to avoid this trifecta of wastefulness, a task that will help your home, your wallet and the environment: install a rain barrel.  If you have a 1500 square foot roof, it will shade 825 gallons of water with one inch of rain.  As mentioned before, that water which could be used to water your lawn, feed your gardens and service your toilets is heading straight to the street – but before it even makes it off your property it gets one grand opportunity to flood your basement.   Just do the math.  Two inches of rain puts 3000 gallons of water right next to your foundation and your foundation, made from cement, is highly porous.  While rain barrels won’t handle all that water, they are quite capable of helping in the prevention of basement flooding.  But really, what they are most useful for is preserving water for the time when your gardens get dry and the sun just won’t come.  So if you’re in the market, pick up a Sky Juice rain barrel at Greenovations, on sale in celebration of the coming Earth Day, because it’s Earth Day here every day.    www.seacoastgreenovations.com

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