More Than Just Flooring

More Than Wood Flooring

There are lots of factors that separate a high quality wood floor from the others, but truly sustainable flooring companies don’t stop at making a durable floor.  As I often say at workshops and presentations to the local community and builders, sustainability isn’t a coincidence, it’s a commitment to a way of thinking.  While durability is possibly the most important factor when considering the sustainability of a floor, the approach to achieving that durability can tell a lot about the manufacturers commitment to the vision it has expressed about conservation.  This is especially true with Eco Timber.

While most engineered floors have a thin veneer that may (or may not) survive one sanding and refinishing, Eco Timber engineers floors come with top layers of high quality heartwood in thicknesses that will survive 3 to 4 refinishes, and in the case of their engineered bamboo, even more.  Based on the average frequency that a floor needs to be refinished (which can vary due to many factors), Eco Timber floors are engineered to last at least long as is required to re-grow a tree in place of the one that was cut for your home floor surface.  Sadly, that is far from typical in the flooring industry, though common sense practices such as this, if not for conservation reasons, were standard practice for reasons of durability.  On top of this, Eco Timber floors are dyed all the way through the top sheet so you don’t have to re-stain them, exposing yourself to toxins, again.  It’s this sort of thinking that attracts green entrepreneurs to certain product.  Next time you’re in the market for new flooring or even if a friend is, consider how that product was engineered for the long-term.  Due it for yourself and do it for the environment.

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