Is Recycled, Sustainable?

At Greenovations, we’re constantly thinking about recycled materials and how they fuse with building products to create a more sustainable future.  Questions abound regarding the subject of recycling and how best to use it.  For example, we love materials made with recycled wood and paper while we try to stay away from plastics, even recycled plastics.  Of course we’re happy to see plastic being recycled, but that sub industry to the petroleum-based plastics industry can only exist while demand for unnecessary plastics continues; e.g. 200 billion plastic bottles produced per year.  Even so, we don’t dispute the importance of plastics to such fields as medicine.

We also prefer to avoid quarried substances and yet we love recycled copper, a mineral.  We mostly love it because copper is endlessly recyclable.  Ultimately, our choices come down to developing extensive knowledge on a wide range of subjects and apply our philosophies in conjunction with our knowledge to make good choices.  Most of the time, unhealthy, eco combative choices are mainly due to a lack of knowledge or personal goals.

We recently started selling Premier Copper Sinks. These hand-forged sinks are made from 97.7% recycled copper.  True, copper is a non-renewable resource, but would you make sinks out of wood?  Sometimes, non-renewable resources are a good choice due to their durability; and in the case of copper because it is 100% endlessly recyclable.  Copper is also healthy; it naturally contains antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that make it healthier than stainless steel, long presumed to be the cleanest choice for sinks and medical purposes.

Whatever the decision, consider all the attributes of a product before considering it “green”.  Every manufacturer is trying to convince consumers that their product is green.  Only a well-informed, thoughtful individual will discover the true green products.

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