Buy American

I know it may sound trite, but it’s also true:  this weekend, this upcoming day of celebration and reverence should be a great reminder to buy American.   And though I may not have the selling power of Dolly Parton when she says “buy American”, for me it’s more than a slogan, it’s a principle that benefits all people on this earth and the earth we live on.  That principle is as familial and ubiquitous as any – family first, don’t piss where you make your bed, blood is thicker than water.  You name it, they all refer to taking care of those close to you and respecting the land close to you.  The more we buy from places far away, the more we are likely to beat on the earth and abuse other people.  Distance just does that.  Closeness does the opposite.  It brings all people on this earth in greater contact with their land and more deeply attached to the mission of sustainability.

The great writer, philosopher and farmer, Wendell Berry, sadly noted, when 15 years ago for the first time more Americans lived in cities than in rural places, that the absence of people from a landscape leaves no watch dogs to make sure the land is sustainably cared for and healthy.   It leaves our land prey to those who will rape it for the present with no regard for the future.  Nothing is more un-American.  Because America isn’t just a border or a group of people; it is a concept, an idea, a mixed cocktail of culture, a land, a history – a timeless union if we can keep it.  To accept the destruction of our land and the belittlement of our people is to accept the end of America, and the past existence of a Was America.  When that fidelity is gone, that timeless union, America is otherwise just a name and a border.  So buy American when and where you can.  Invest in your country and by doing so invest in a healthy planet.   Certainly we can’t avoid buying foreign products, but the principle goes a long way when you carry that thread back from global to nation furthermore to state to region to village and town.  We try to model this at Greenovations because we know it is good for all.  All but two of our products are American made, and many of those are locally made a sourced.

Happy Independence Day!

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