Some Science Behind Household Cleaning

Use of healthy, earth friendly cleaning products are quickly becoming one of the most common manifestations of a green human population.  No longer is it an oddity to find a “green cleaner”; in many stores, it’s almost becoming the standard.  This is a good thing.  After all, decades of washing our cleaning products down the drain have destroyed and harmed millions of streams, rivers, lakes and ponds.  For too long, the damage we did in the name of cleaning has been easily ignored because it comes in a cute little package.  And while I too retail effective green cleaners, the research I did to choose the right cleaners led me to one important discovery that cleaners are a secondary concern.   More important for sanitizing your home is the cloth or other material you use to clean with, not the solution.

You see, when we use a solution we emulsify the offending area with a cleaner and then wipe it up.  The logic is that the cleaner will sterilize whatever bacteria exists on the surface and the cloth will wipe it away.  In reality, a lot of that emulsified dirtiness and the solution get left behind.   Most cloths don’t have enough fiber to pick up that which we clean.  This is even true of most micro fiber cloths.  In fact, most microfiber cloths you can buy at the supermarket have only 140,000 fibers per square inch.  Only 140,000?  Yes, only.

I’m going to sound like an infomercial here for shamoo or shamwow.  Fine.  But I’m speaking from reality.  Fibers remove dirt, bacteria and whatever you wish to eradicate; solutions only sterilize them, at best.  I use the E-Cloth.  The E-Cloth has 1.4 million fibers per square inch to remove your household dirt, etc.  I use the E-Cloth and water, because that’s all you need.

You need the water to loosen the dirt from a surface – you don’t need a solution – and once that is done, you need a fiber that will remove the dirt.   Using the right cloth is just one more way of keeping pollutants from ever entering our watersheds.  I know, this would be hard to accept – the idea of cleaning without cleaning agents – so just remember, water is the miracle substance, not just water.

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