6 Reasons Why To Pay Up For A High End Rais Woodstove

  1. Rais wood stoves are gorgeous, plain and simple.  They offer the largest, unobstructed glass window so you can completely see the beautiful, cascading, lava like flame unique to this stove.
  2. You’ll burn less wood – up to 25%.  Most stoves work on radiant heat energy that is extremely hot and explosive, causing the wood to fall away from the center of the flame, leaving chunks of charcoal.  Rais stoves burn at a more even temperature, so they burn the wood more thoroughly, leaving only a fine powder of ash that will need to be cleaned out a fifth as often as a typical stove.
  3. Rais stoves are designed to heat a home at a more even temperature through convection, so you’ll never be “cooked out” of a room.  Rais stoves invite you to stay close and enjoy the experience of hygee, a Danish word roughly translated to mean coziness; important to people who live in climates such as Scandinavia with its long, gloomy winters; like New England.
  4. Rais stoves are made from the highest quality steel and glass.  It is typical for a Rais stove to be used for two decades without ever needing to change a part.  But stoves operating on the radiant heat principle are constantly expanding and contracting due to high temperatures, thus leading to a need for parts replacement.
  5. Rais wood stoves have a stay cool handle, so you can open the door and load up more wood without wearing a mit.
  6. No need for a hearth pad.  You can mount this on a ¼ sheet of non combustible tempered glass or stove-pipe steel or even tile.  In fact, Rais wood stoves can be mounted as close as 6 ½ inches from a back wall, so you can easily fit them into your living space.  Once again, this is due to the quality of the steel, the fabulously well insulated firebox and the convective heat principle.
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