Sprucing Up Hardwood Flooring

Go into most any home these days and it’s clear that the hardwood flooring is the biggest showpiece of the household.  Even so, few people use hardwood flooring as an opportunity to add spice and texture to their decorating scheme.  While there are certain woods that have dramatic color differences from piece to piece, such as Curly Maple and Fir, most homes and budgets are out fitted with more cohesive looking materials such as oak, maple and bamboo.  While such materials have proven the test of time it’s good to know that one reason they have done so is because of how conservative they are – as in, they are safe bets.

But todays sustainable flooring manufacturers are approaching flooring differently, separating themselves not only by their manufacturing processes, yet also by their style thinking.  A great example of this is the Sideways line of flooring from Plyboo.  http://www.seacoastgreenovations.com/products/plyboo.aspx

Sideways is unique in a few ways, but most importantly by how it is cut.  Most flooring is cut length-wise along the run of the wood stock, but the wood in Sideways flooring is cut against the grain.  The result is a much more textured, natural look that emphasizes the grain in even the dullest of wood species.  As well, Sideways hardwood floors are neither stained nor dyed.  Instead, they receive a heat treatment that results in a lustrous tone that is slightly different from board to board.  Once again, the resulting look is more natural and luminous than most woods, though contemporary in style, as well.  And finally, like all the products we carry at Greenovations, Sideways floors are urea formaldehyde free and low in VOC content.  In fact, the manufacturer uses its own, low VOC proprietary glue in this engineered floor, called Soy Bond.

This is just one example of using wood flooring to add accents to your home decor.  Other products from Eco Timber and local floor millers offer unique alternatives to the same old flooring scenario most of us encounter.

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