Choose Quality & Service Over Price: Case Study – Cabinetry

In today’s internet driven world, the realm of commerce  is influenced by price consciousness above all.  Study after study shows that consumers value quality less and less, relative to price.  This is a real pity and dare I say, a future calamity in the making.  After all, without quality we can have no durability and every act that ignores durability will affect our near and distant future.  As well, quality and service often bring non-monetized benefits and perks that shopping solely for price cannot.
To make my point, consider the distinctions between stock made cabinetry and your custom fair.

While a kitchen designer using stock material can certainly arrange kitchen designs they are always limited to the standardized sizes their suppliers offer.  Even the best kitchen designer can never overcome these limitations.  Custom cabinet makers never have this problem.  So while “kitchen designers” are busy trying to build kitchens around the standard sizes of their cabinets, custom cabinet makers are already using their skills to complement the well planned existing spaces or designs of your home.   But the real perks come beyond that.

Good cabinet makers are often called in at the design stage of a project because they know how a kitchen integrates with the whole house.  (Most are furniture makers, too, after all.)  Skilled custom design and build cabinet makers like Jewett Farms & Co. visiting your home will point out opportunities that box store “cabinet specialists” will never do.  Those opportunities (or challenges to overcome) may have to do with kitchen equipment or
maybe lighting in an adjacent room.  Often, when meeting with architects and builders they help reduce costs by contributing their input to the collective effort.  Each member of the team, from the homeowner to the builder to the cabinet-maker will see things a little differently.  Doing this prevents otherwise inevitable change orders and those always cost a lot.  When working with a “kitchen designer” or a “kitchen specialist” changes in the plan are much more likely.  After all, those kitchen designers who build “custom” kitchens with stock cabinetry have no experience with the structural aspect of cabinetry or the home.  Yet frequently, their services and product cost as much as a good cabinet-maker like Jewett Farms or our other custom cabinet-maker.   Experience with the structural qualities and demands of materials often helps smooth the progression of a project, limit unnecessary plan changes and mistakes, ultimately contributing to a lower cost and less stressful experience.  So, if you’re like me and you value your hair, choose quality service over price so you don’t pull your hair out.

* This blog doesn’t post doesn’t even mention the superior quality, style and durability of good custom cabinets.  We’ll launch into that discussion at another point.

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