The Warmth of Green Counter-tops

For nearly two decades, counter-tops made of granite, marble and other natural stones have been the in vogue show piece of the American home.   While such materials are often quite beautiful to the eye (if you like glossy) tastes always change; and after years of living with stone, Americans are turning toward materials that don’t simply look natural, but actually feel natural and warm.  Because quite frankly, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so if we’re going to rest on a stool by the kitchen island, we want to rest our bones on something warm.  The desire for this is only natural.  Fortunately, there are many green options to support this desire.  Paper composite materials like Paperstone, Richlite and Eco Top always remain close to the temperature of the room they’re installed.  (Solid stone counter-tops are permanently cold.)  Paper composite counter-tops also look warm and invite people to relax.  They express an ease and comfort that the glint of hard stone  cannot achieve.   In many cases paper composite  materials and wood are the perfect fit for kitchens because that’s where today’s family entertains.  We gather there with our friends, sip wine and beer at the kitchen island, and offer our food there.  But still, we want something beautiful and we can have that with these greener options.   Just take a look and see.

Why paper composite counter-tops are a great option:

  •  Warm to the touch and to the eye
  •  Much less likely to break glass and flat-ware
  • They invite you to relax – high gloss counter-tops scream don’t mess me
  • Friendly to the environment – oh so much more
  • Easy to maintain
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