Sustainable: Commitment, Not Coincidence

These days, just about every company out there has posted somewhere in their literature or on their website either a sustainability mission statement or an explanation of their stewardship of the earth.  Most often, these are post hoc statements made to “prove” their green merits and not mission statements at all.  Look hard enough, most any business can find some example of “being green”.  To me, the real distinction is commitment.  Renewable materials such as wool provide the perfect example.  Manufacturers of wool rugs are quick to point out that the material is a renewable resource.   True enough, but did these companies choose to use wool for sustainability reasons?  Chances are they have been in business longer than the word “green” developed the many it has today.

At Greenovations, we look for companies that make a commitment to sustainability, not those that simply ride the benefits of their green coincidence.  We ask: beyond using a natural, renewable material, does this company employ any other sustainable business or production practices.  Do they use only natural glues like Earth Weave Carpet Mills?  Do they use lead free glazes like Fireclay Tile?  And are there claims honest?  Most companies will take their own waste and reuse it exactly the same way, as any sensible business will, and call it recycled.  Is that “green” or is it just business sense.  Certainly, I am glad when business strive to avoid wastefulness, but ultimately, I look for companies with a commitment to green when choosing materials, not marketers of coincidence.

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