Hand Made Appeal

Many people believe that the key to a beautiful home is to buy products that are machine-made and have perfect edges.  However, once it is constructed, something just doesn’t seem right.  The problem is that machine-made products are “too perfect.”

These products, such as vinyl siding, are too uniform and go against nature.  We all know the feeling we get when we see a piece of rustic or hand-built furniture.  Our eyes are immediately drawn to it and it’s beauty intrigues us.  Greenovations carries several products, such as Premier Copper Sinks and Fireclay tiles, that are completely hand-made and stand out from the competition in both appearance and function.

Made from recycled copper, Premier Sinks are hand-hammered by highly skilled artisans on traditional forges.   In addition to creating a softer, warmer appearance that humans are attuned to through thousands of years of engagement with human crafting, hand-hammered sinks are easier to maintain and allow for a thicker gauge and more durable products.

Another fine example of hand-made beauty are Fireclay Tiles.  Like all of our products, their sustainable merits stand high above the crowd of conventional materials and green materials alike, but for homeowners it is the hand crafted beauty that makes Fireclay tiles so appealing.  Think of your bathroom and the warmth you want to feel after stepping out of a hot shower.  Though the air temperature may be warm, precisely cut, machine-made tiles with perfectly repeated 90 degree corners send a message of coldness to our sensory receptors.  Those corners and edges are hard.  Handmade tiles on the other hand, due to very slight “imperfections” in their geometry create their own texture without using a pattern.  In fact, customers most frequently settle on one tile color, but love their tiling more than expected due to the pattern created by geometric variations as well as variations in color saturation.  Plus, it’s nice to know there was some soul put into the material you installed in your house by a skilled artisan.

And like other products at Grenovations, these hand-made materials don’t cost anymore than equally well made conventional products; we just don’t have any junk to offer.



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