Recycled Copper, The Green Option To Love

At Greenovations we’re huge fans of recycled copper sinks, perhaps because few products epitomize the meaning of green better than this vital fixture of every home.  In fact, when thinking green for home building products, sinks are rarely at the top of anyone’s list.  Odd considering no fixture, nor hardly any other building material gets more use.  So, before plodding into our love for recycled copper sinks let me just define “green” for a moment.

Like it or love it, the term “green” has stuck and has evolved to mean more than just eco-friendly.  In fact, we think the term green is an umbrella for 3 important factors when assessing the value of any product:  1) Is it eco-friendly  2) Is it healthy  3)  Is it produced with fair trade/labor practices.

Some materials meet the concerns of all these factor, some meet just one or two.  Whatever the end result, demanding these qualities is better for all of us.  Recycled copper sinks, such as Premier Copper hand-hammered sinks, are a terrific example of a product the lives up to the full meaning of Green.

Why We Love Premier Copper Hand Hammered copper sinks:

  • Made from 97.7% recycled copper – ever wonder where all that copper plumbing is going to after be stripped out of buildings prepared for demolition?  Now you know.
  • Copper is endlessly recyclable.
  • Copper is cleaner than stainless steel.  A study at the University of Southhampton in England revealed that bacteria – in this case E coli 0157 – survived on stainless steel for 34 days while only 4 hours on copper.
  • Premier Copper sinks are hand made by experienced artisans, not by machines.
  • PC sinks are hand-made with a trough for proper drainage.  Machine stamped copper sinks have flat bottoms that lead to drainage and durability problems.
  • Premier Copper artisans are paid fair wages in a fair labor facility.
  • Premier Copper sinks are made in Mexico a short distance from their American headquarters.
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