Reclaimed Sorghum Straw Meets Custom Woodworking

Love custom woodwork, but want a more modern appeal in your home?  Made from reclaimed sorghum chaff, kirei board offers a lightweight, durable and extremely environmentally friendly product that is sure to bring a comfortable, yet modern feel to your home.  Whether you’re looking for a coffee table, cabinetry, wall covering or a bar, kirei can fill almost any niche in your home.

Sorghum is a genus of grasses typically grown in tropical and sub-tropical environments.  The United States is now the leading producer of Sorghum (about 12 metric tons a year), which has significant commercial value for use as food, livestock feed and in the production of alcoholic beverages.  It is now being used by several breweries as a grain substitute in gluten-free beers.  The harvesting techniques used by sorghum growers typically generate a lot of waste from unused stems.  This is where Kirei comes in.  Although sorghum can be composted, there is too much to break down in a reasonable amount of time.  Farmers can sell off the stems for use in kirei board.  This not only provides an additional income for the farmer, but saves space in their fields and provides the construction market with a sustainable wood substitute.

The sorghum stalk is cut into various thicknesses and held together using a no-added-formaldehyde and low VOC adhesive.  The arrangement of stalks in each kirei board provides a unique grain pattern that is sure to be a conversation piece in your home.  Click here for additional information.

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