Oil Paint Performance, Latex Paint Ease

I have been doing a little painting around the house lately in addition to making preparations to move my business elsewhere.  As a result, I have had paint and paint colors on my mind a lot.  With three choices of paint to use from my stock I decided to do all the work with the very best paint I have – Naturals by AFM Safecoat.

Naturals isn’t just the best paint I have; it’s also the best paint I have ever used.  It is the one paint that doesn’t have any compromises.  If you ask anyone who has been painting professionally for years, nothing beats an oil based paint for good spread and coverage, smooth application, and durability.  But oh the mess it creates.  And the spirits you have to use for clean up.  No fun.

Then there is standard latex paint which performs well, though not as well as an oil based paint, but cleans up simply with water.  Very nice.  But it just does level, spread or bond with a surface as well as an oil based paint.

Well, what if you could have the best of both.  I was a professional painter for years and there’s only one product I know that can do that.  Naturals by AFM Safecoat.  Not only does Naturals perform incredibly well, it is also one of the healthiest paints available.  Employing phytochemistry ( the science of plant chemistry) AFM created an organic, biodegradable, water-soluble paint with a base of plant oils.  This is a pure, natural, paint, free of chemicals and petroleum.  Don’t let the Low VOC labels deter you either; this paint is healthier than every major zero voc out there.  While this paint has 1 gram per liter of a carbon producing ingredient than permitted for the zero VOC label, it has none of the toxic ingredients that don’t contribute to smog but are in most zero VOC paints.  Remember, the term VOC is an EPA term and refers only to ingredients that create Smog – it does nothing to regulate other ingredients such as ammonia and solvents that are toxic to your health.

Suffice it to say, there are a few other terrific, zero VOC, non toxic paints such as AFM’s Safecoat line or Yolo ColorHouse, but from a sheer performance perspective, nothing comes close.  Naturals spreads and levels fantastically, cleans up simply with water and is just plain easy to work with.  Cutting in trim and corners happens twice as fast.  Rolling is smooth and never sticky.  And the price is better than all the rest.  I sell Naturals for $52.   Ben Moores Aura is fixed for retailers at $62.  Mythic Zero VOC averages the same price. This is an awesome paint.  Over the last few years I have been mixing it up with my zero VOC brands when I paint, but no more.  It’s just too good to use.

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