Finding Truly Green Products: Tip Two

This post is part of an ongoing collection of posts to help people identify legitimately “green” products.  If you haven’t read the first post, take a moment and begin with the preceding post.

Look For A Green Commitment, Not A Coincidence:  There is hardly a company out there today that isn’t trying to market the green credentials of their product, whether those claims are legitimate and significant enough or not.  For me, one simple statement spells it all out:  Green is not a coincidence, it is a commitment.

Wool rugs are a perfect example.  Because wool is renewable, every wool rug manufacturer out there is claiming theirs’ is a green product.  While choosing wool over synthetic rugs is the often the eco-friendly choice, is using renewable wool the sign of a truly green product or manufacturer?  Often not.  After all, these companies didn’t call themselves green 5, 10 or 20 years ago.   They only do so now because it pays to be green.  That fact that wool is green (renewable) is for the most part coincidence.   Are lawn care companies “green” just because they take care of grass.  As a consumer, look for a commitment from manufacturers and the product they make.  A truly and completely green wool rug maker will use natural backings, organic pigments for dying and natural adhesives.  As well, they won’t use chemical sprays for stain resistance (wool doesn’t need it), nor formaldehyde based adhesives.  In reality, most so-called green manufacturers of wool rugs use synthetic adhesives, chemical stains and dyes, and synthetic backings, rather than time-tested natural materials such as jute backings and natural latex for adhesive.

Earth Weave, a product we carry is a rarity.  They have gone all out to the max on green credentials.  Yes they use wool, but their green commitment is shown by using natural latex (from the rubber tree) as an adhesive, a hemp and cotton primary and a jute backing.  There are no dyes used, just a blend of wool colors and no stain sprays.  That’s a green commitment.  And it’s a high quality product.  I have it in my home with a dog, a three-year old and a five-year old.

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