10 Minute Architect Comes To York

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Local Architects and Builders Offer Free Design Help

In this economy, protecting your investment is critical, and its even better if you can get free advice on the subject. Greenovations Eco Building Supply is sponsoring “10-Minute Architect”, a free design clinic on Wednesday, July 11th at their store on 470 US Route 1 in York, Maine.

The free design clinic is offered to homeowners and commercial property owners who are considering when and how to use an architect or builder for a project, or just want some design and construction guidance. Participating architects and builders believe this clinic will also allow others to see how building professionals play a valuable role in their community.  The clinic, first created and sponsored by the Portland Society of Architects, has been put on with great success for 8 years in Portland, Maine.  Participants in Portland have commented that it was an “incredible opportunity to talk to architects” and that it helped them “in considering building alternatives, determining the scope of their project and figuring out the feasibility”.  The interaction proved enjoyable to the architects as well who thrived on the opportunity to do what they do best, solve problems.   The PSA has graciously offered their guidance to Greenovations to support this community event as it grows into southern Maine.

“We will have some of the most experienced, highly educated architects and builders in the region,” says Christopher Ring, the principal at Greenovations and self described building science geek.  While all the participating professionals donating their expertise have years of high quality building expertise, Ring notes that “the built environment demands continual education and all of our participants are not only experts, but also continual learners who constantly stay abreast of evolving building design concepts and techniques.”

Dubbed 10-Minute Architect, the clinic actually allows attendees to spend up to 20 minutes with participants, discussing issues such as basic layouts, project budget feasibility, permitting issues, construction techniques and more.  Participants donating their time include Paul Fowler, LEED AP, Principal at Adapt Design; Shannon Alther, AIA, and Principal at TMS Architects; Christopher Redmond, Designer/Founder of Little Green Homes; Peter Robie, Founder of Eco Sound Builders; and Marc Hovde owner of Hovde Construction.  “We want encourage people to understand the value of smart building and the positive impact it can have on the community, the world at large and themselves”, says Ring.  Pre-registration is encouraged but walk-ins are welcome.

What: 10-Minute Architect, Sponsored by Greenovations, an Eco Building Supply

Who: For homeowners and commercial property owners

When: Wednesday, July 11th,   4:30-6:30pm

Where: Greenovations, 470 US Route 1, York, Maine

For sign-up and more information e-mail: greenovations@maine.rr.com

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