Closing Our Doors

Hello Friends,

Encouraging a green future has been a passion I have pursued happily and with great intrinsic reward thanks to many of you.  Opening and developing Greenovations has been a terrific experience and I have learned a lot as a result over the last 3 years.  Sadly, I will be closing the doors for business at Greenovations in early March.   While I will continue to work out of an office on the consulting side of my business (in addition to limited sales), I can no longer pursue the showroom retail model.  It is my strong belief that the future of green building products lies in change that comes from within, not from the fringes as was the case with my store.  I hope the near future brings us a commitment from large companies and smaller established businesses, alike, to make a commitment to respect for the earth.  Only we can make that happen.

That said, I will be liquidating the furnishings and inventory here at Greenovations beginning immediately.  In advance to advertising a liquidation sale, I want to give those of you (and your friends) who might have an interest, the opportunity to come in and check out our discounted sale items and furnishings, beginning Tuesday, January 29th.    Additionally, we will be hosting a sale with a 10% discount of all flooring over 300sf.

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