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Green Renovation Tips For Asthma and Allergy Sufferers

More and more people suffer from asthma and allergies everyday.  You don’t need to be a doctor to know this.  School nurses ask for medical histories with asthma and allergy questions prominently placed.  Commercials advertising allergy medication fill tv spots … Continue reading

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Taking Care of Your Wood Floor

In a previous post I made a big point out of stating that the best finish for your floor is a pair of slipper.  I have probably said it to every flooring customer in my store asking a lot of … Continue reading

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Whole Systems Thinking Leads To Efficiency

As the guest speaker at the monthly meeting of a sustainability organization in Newburyport, I listened to the post talk discussion among its members.  I overheard a builder present at the event sharing his efforts to build green with a commonly expressed concern – … Continue reading

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Avoid The Green-Do Gooder Arms Race

Some of the things us tree huggers do to live by our principles can be strange and potentially contradictory.  My own experience this morning is a fine example. Currently I am working on a set of stairs and fencing for … Continue reading

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